March 2009

Where to Buy Safe Supplements

Thursday, March 26, 2009 @ 08:03 AM
posted by Phil

supplement storeRecently there have been news items that the FDA is investigating dozens of weight loss supplements, most of them imported from China, that contain hidden and potentially harmful drugs like bumetanide.

The best known brand was a pill called StarCaps, a papaya-infused weight loss capsule. It had some celebrity endorsements and magazine ads.

A full list of the tainted pills of which there are 69, is available on the F.D.A.’s Web site, An agency spokeswoman said people who want to report problems with the pills could call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Steven M. Mister, the president of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, a trade group whose members include ingredient suppliers and makers of dietary supplements, said that the majority of weight-loss supplements were safe. The F.D.A., he said, is mainly citing obscure imported brands.

Last year, the F.D.A. adopted new good manufacturing practices rules that require makers of dietary supplements to test the purity of each ingredient and the final product. Another new statute, which went into effect in December 2007, requires manufacturers to notify the F.D.A. of any reports of serious health problems caused by the pills.

The law adequately protects consumer health because it does have the monitoring system in place, said Mr. Mister, of the industry trade group.

So my advice for today is to choose a reliable merchant who conforms to the good manufacturing practices if you are in the market for weight loss or supplements in general.

It is tough to know everything about the thousands of products available these days, but quality conscious retailers are monitoring their sites to ensure the safety of the ingredients in the products they buy and sell also.

Nutritional Supplements are Important!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009 @ 09:03 PM
posted by Phil

With our lifestyles being so busy today, nutritional supplements are needed to bridge the nutritional gap between a unbalanced and balanced diet. The Benefits of nutritional supplement like protein and vitamins help you overcome nutritional deficiencies. We need all the nutrients in their proper amounts for optimum health. Since our diets most likely can not provide all of them, nutritional supplements can fill in those gaps.

Nutritional supplements can boost overall body health significantly, a benefit that has been proven many times. So it is time for you to start taking your nutritional supplements if you haven’t done so yet. First of all nutritional supplements are convenient because they are fast, easy to make and can be conveniently taken anywhere. Perfect example of a great nutritional supplement is RTD Supplements (Ready to Drink) Great source of protein low in fat just great total nutrition ready to go and ready to drink. No Nutritional or dietary supplement replace food but they do help. Remember that vitamins and nutritional supplements work gradually, so if they don’t improve your body health within weeks, do not give up. When is the best time for you to take nutritional supplements- before, during or after meal? Well, it all depends on the kinds of pills that you are taking. Normally, clear instructions have been printed on the bottle. General speaking, water-based tablets should be taken before a meal, and oil-based ones after meal. But no matter which way, you should being eating meals, and not just taking nutritional supplements to replace a healthy diet. Without enzyme action in your body, the nutritional supplements won’t work at all.