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October 2010
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16 Supplements To Get The Most Out Of Your Body

Monday, October 18, 2010 @ 08:10 AM
posted by Jeffery mason

It’s dinner time and you’re hungry, so what are you going to eat? For your sake, it better not be one of those processed meals that come in a box. Or worse, fast food – yuck! Those things are terrible for you. Low nutritional value, processed ingredients, chemically modified foods, high fat content – does any of that sound good to you? Hopefully you’re shaking your head and saying, “No.”

So, to supplement your diet, need to eat nutritional foods and take multivitamins. The multivitamins are a great start, but you need to monitor just what nutritional foods you’re eating. Even some of those are corporate creations that put taste before nutrition, replacing natural ingredients with high fructose corn syrup. You’ll end up gaining more weight than you lose – not something you want.

The key to success is finding specific supplements that will enhance your body’s overall nutritional health. For safety reasons, you should always check with your doctor before starting a supplement cycle. There are some powerful supplements out there that will affect preexisting medications, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, your doctor can help you determine exactly which supplement is best for your system. It’s a win-win situation.

To help you get started, here is a list of some common problems people have while trying to maintain a healthy body. Just find the area you need some help with and read up on it. It’s that simple.

Problem: Bone Density
Recommendation: Magnesium
People are always relying on their bones to get them around, but how often do you think about your bone’s health? Bone density is a very serious problem that gets worse with age. You need to give your body a fighting chance by supplying it with magnesium, one of the key nutrients for healthy bone density. There are loads of supplements out there, so pick your favorite one and start enjoying.

Problem: Nutrient Distribution
Recommendation: Nitrix
Putting nutrients into your body is one thing, but actually getting those nutrients out to your organs is another. Your body transfers nutrients through the bloodstream. To increase the bloodstream’s efficiency, add nitric oxide to your diet with Nitrix. Nitric oxide is naturally made in the body, yet you can help boost the supply in your system with one simple capsule. Imagine larger muscles, more stamina, happier moods.

Problem: Bodily Impurities
Recommendation: Daily Detox Herbal Tea
Is there anything more herbal and natural than tea? It is one of the only herbal substances on the planet that has stood the test of time. Daily Detox Herbal Tea takes the usual tea blend and adds in a couple other natural ingredients to expedite and accent the natural detoxifying effect of tea. All you have to do is drink one cup daily, making it both simple and effective.

Problem: Weight Loss
Recommendation: Fire Starter
Diet pills come with all sorts of goofy names, and Fire Starter continues the trend. Regardless, it is a powerful dietary aid that can get your body slimmed down. It has a thermogenic blend of ingredients that will be sure to set your body’s system on fire. Corny, I know, but it’s true. You will literally feel the warmth of your body burning off excess calories, resulting in pound after pound falling off your body.

Problem: Digestive Issues
Recommendation: FiberSol
As you age, your body has a difficult time breaking down food. You need to start adding fiber into your diet, which is not always the simplest thing to do. Thankfully, FiberSol is a natural fiber supplement that is derived from fruits and plants, which is why it makes this list. A naturally derived fiber source is always going to beat out one that is chemically modified – no contest.

Problem: Muscle Growth
Recommendation: Dianavar
This is going to be a male recommended product only – it is not intended for use by females. This supplement enhances the male body, giving it a huge rush of testosterone. All of this testosterone will then push your body further than it previously was thought possible. If you have recently hit a plateau with your workout results, Dianavar can get you over it, easily and efficiently.

Problem: Protein Deficiency
Recommendation: Clif Builder’s Bars
Clif Builder’s Bars are perfect for anyone that needs some more protein in their diet. These nutritional bars are easy to carry around, cheap, and all-natural. That’s right – there are no chemically altered ingredients in these bars, so they are low in fat and high in nutritional value. Whether you are a bodybuilder or an average Joe, these bars are crucial to maintain a healthy, active life.

Problem: Snacking Urges
Recommendation: Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein
Whey protein is a fast-acting protein complex that hits your body hard. It starts setting into your system within twenty to thirty minutes. Because Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Protein comes packed with protein calories, which are hundreds of times better than fat calories, all of that protein is then going to suppress your body’s urge to snack. This culminates into a nutrient filled snack that keeps you satiated for a bit.

Problem: Loss of Male Libido
Recommendation: Sex Cycle for Men
Plenty of men experience a decrease in their sexual libido at times. It could be caused by stress, exercise, or age, but you do not have to continue suffering. Sex Cycle for Men gives you the nutrients you need to increase your sexual libido, reinvigorating it back to the way you want it. All you have to do is follow the cycle and the rest is history.

Problem: Anabolic Enhancement
Recommendation: Muscletech Leukic HardCore
After a workout, the body goes into what is known as an anabolic phase. This is the time where the body uses up the nutrients in its system to repair the damage caused to your muscles. An anabolic enhancer can actually increase the amount of time that your body spends repairing your muscles, which means larger muscular gains and firmer muscles. Muscletech Leukic HardCore is one of the best in the business for anabolic enhancers.

Problem: Female Orgasms
Recommendation: Viva Cream
The female body is much more complicated than its male counterpart. A woman needs to be healthy and stress-free in order to experience a true orgasm. Thankfully, Viva Cream can deal with both of those factors. It gives your body a specific blend of nutrients to soothe your stress and increase your sexual enjoyment.

Problem: Thyroid Health
Recommendation: Omega-3 Fish Oils
Some scientific studies have shown that omega-3 fish oils actually help keep your thyroid healthy. For anyone that wants to stay thin and fit, this is important. Your thyroid controls your metabolism and the amount of protein being introduced into your muscles. Those two factors alone should convince you that omega-3 fish oils are important in your diet.

Problem: Bronchial Restrictions / Asthma
Recommendation: Proefed
Suffering from asthma and other asthma related syndromes is no fun. It restricts your ability to enjoy the physical world. To combat this terrible affliction, there is Proefed, a supplement designed to release the muscular tension around your bronchial passageway. It is not a replacement for your usual asthma medication, but it can help supplement the effects and give you back the control over your life.

Problem: Insomnia
Recommendation: Sleep Walker
Everyone has those nights where you just can’t sleep, but not one enjoys them. You feel wasted the next day and it’s hard to focus. If this sounds like you, Sleep Walker is your savior. Their proprietary blend is designed to soothe your body into sleep, starting with your digestive system and then working toward the brain.

Problem: Creatine Deficiency
Recommendation: Kreation
During intense workouts, the body produces a substance known as “creatine.” This substance is designed to push your body through tough situations, enhancing your muscular strength and endurance. Unfortunately, your body only keeps a small amount in supply. Taking a creatine supplement can increase your workout endurance and results, and there isn’t a better creatine supplement on the market than Kreation.

Problem: Post-Workout Recovery
Recommendation: L-Glutamine
Muscular pain and soreness after a workout is a common occurrence. Let’s face it, you did some serious damage and it is going to take time for them to repair. L-Glutamine can speed up this process though. It increases the protein absorption rate and reduces the recovery period that so many men and women suffer from these days. Don’t miss out on your chance to reduce your post-workout recovery period.

As always, MyNutritionWorld.Net would like to encourage you to visit a doctor before taking any fitness or nutritional supplement.

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