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Archive for February 2nd, 2011

Strength: The Basis of Working Out

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 @ 12:02 PM
posted by Jeffery mason

Working out and lifting weights is about strengthening your muscular tissue. The stronger this muscular tissue becomes, the more prone your body is to build it. Additionally, you are more likely to burn fat once your body has reached a muscular state. The combination of weight loss and muscular strength creates a physique that has endurance, speed, athleticism, and lean muscle mass. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your body.

1. Simple: When performing reps, keep it simple and count the number of reps you perform. Some trainers would have you count the rep speed, but it really is not a necessary addition to a workout. Your job is to focus on the weight management aspect of lifting. Get it up, get it down, and maintain a balance throughout your body. Notice any sudden changes in muscular endurance, or how heavy your breathing becomes after each lift. The more in-tune you become with your body, the more success you will have with lifting.

2. Data: Keep a data log of how many exercises your performed each day. Track your progress overtime so you can literally see the changes occurring throughout your body. It can be a huge motivational boost to notice how many more reps you can perform now compared to a couple weeks ago. Working out requires a constant source of motivation and a data log could be that source for you.

3. Cardio: Muscular endurance is only half the battle. You also need cardio endurance. Your lungs must be trained to absorb large quantities of air, with your body efficiently delivering that air throughout your system. If you are lifting, your muscles require a huge supply of air, and untrained lungs will pale in comparison to the lungs of a runner. Get outside, get active, and get your cardio game going.

4. Progress: Slowly increase the amount of time you exercise and the weights you use. Do not over exert yourself all at once. If you are feeling great one day, perform the same exercise for a longer period of time. Suddenly adjusting your weight levels can potentially damage your body and leave you sore for days. Muscular progress happens slowly.

5. Supplements: Bodybuilding and lifting is a rigorous hobby. You need to monitor your diet, your weight, your sleep, everything has to be watched. To ensure that your body is maximizing its potential, you should be supplementing various nutrients into your daily diet. Protein, for example, is the perfect workout supplement for anyone looking to build muscle mass. Utilize it to increase your muscular growth rates.

The Beach Body: Beware the Benign Effects

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 @ 11:02 AM
posted by Jeffery mason

Countless individuals want to look good, feel great, and have a body that is irresistible to others. Regardless of gender, people want to look good in their bathing suits. They want their muscles to look ripped, but not actually be ripped. In the fitness world, it is known as the “beach body,” something that only looks good, yet is unable to actually perform as expected. If you have a beach body, there are some hidden dangers you should know about.


One of the worst things about the beach body is the inability to actually perform intense exercises. Your muscles look like they should be strong, but they are nowhere near the level of strength they would be at if you actually utilized them. They are there for aesthetic purposes only, which can actually be dangerous for your body. When you go to use the your muscles, you may overexert yourself and damage them, causing potentially irreversible damage to your muscular tissue. Instead of a beach body, you are left with a broken one.


Working out for the sake of improving your image can be potentially damaging to your psyche. Instead of feeling great about your health, you are focusing on your personal image. Some individuals become obsessed with their bodily image and control it to compensate for something they are lacking in their life. This can lead them down the road to an eating disorder, where they must perfect the way their body looks at all times. Then, exercise has become the complete opposite of what it was meant to be:


If the individual is not performing exercises for the sake of producing real muscular results, they most likely are not eating a balanced diet. The lack of proper nutrients can potentially harm your system more than the actual exercises. After an exercise, your body needs the nutrients to repair any damage that occurred. If you do not have the nutrients needed, you will become catabolic and your body will leech nutrients from your muscle tissue.


Rather than continue to pursue a beach body image, you should be talking to your doctor about how you can actually produce some substantial muscle growth. This muscle growth will give you the body you want and will not put your system at risk of any harm. It is the best of both worlds, but it will take some effort on your part.

Eight Ways To Boost Your Diet Results

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 @ 10:02 AM
posted by Jeffery mason

Taking diet pills and following a rigorous diet plan can only take you so far. Your own mental determination and willpower is going to make up for most of your diet results, which is why you must do everything you can to maintain a healthy mental state, even if it means going outside your comfort zone. Here are some tips that you can utilize to help maximize your chances of losing weight and achieving the body you have always dreamed about.

1. Water: It has been said time and time again – water can help you lose weight. If you drink at least eight glasses of water per day, your system will be hydrated and your stomach will feel fuller. All of that liquid takes time to process through your body and this can trick your mind into not focusing on food. It is similar to the effect of chewing on bubblegum to trick your mind into thinking you are eating something.

2. Snacks: Always, always, always have a healthy snack option at hand. When you get those intense, annoying urges to nibble, rather than ignoring it, you should satiate it with something light and nutritious. Fruit, for example, can be the perfect light snack to keep you going throughout your day. Be sure to choose one without too much sugar though.

3. Hot Sauce: It has been speculated that the peppers in hot sauce can speed up your metabolism. This has yet to be fully proven in the scientific field, but it is something that you can utilize and test on your own. In addition, hot sauce can often cause you to eat slower, so you are not consuming large portions rapidly. Throw it on whatever you are eating and see what effects it can have for you.

4. Mint: The taste of mint has a strange effect on the human brain. The compounds in mint send signals to your brain that it is time to stop eating. If you were to eat some mint right after a meal, it can help you control your portion sizes and dessert cravings. Carry around some mint gum for that post-meal control you need.

5. Diet Pills: There is nothing more forgiving than a diet pill. Whether you purchase a ton of diet pills, or only one brand, they are designed to help you reach your weight loss goals. Find one that truly gives you the assistance you need to regain control over your weight management. If you are already on a diet pill, ask yourself if it is working. If not, you may need to find a new one.

6. Morning Exercise: Right when you get up in the morning, you should be hitting the floor and cranking out some pushups. Nothing gets your body ready for a vigorous day like exercise. It gets your heart working, your blood flowing, and wakes up all of those sleepy systems inside of you. When you reach a plateau, start performing some more difficult pushups. Burning calories in the morning can help ensure a whole day of lean calorie production.

7. Eating Area: One of the less known tips is to designate an eating area. This is an area of your home where you will not be distracted by anything else – no television, radio, or computer. You want this area to be the place you go to eat. With no distractions, you will not stay in the area for a long time. You will eat, leave, and continue your day.

8. Stress: Nothing kills your body quite like stress. Sure, we all get stressed throughout the day, but stress actually manifests itself chemically within your body. All of these negative chemicals cause chaos throughout your body and run amuck with your weight loss goals. Instead of losing the weight you should be losing, you see a slower production of calories and fat. Find a way to decrease your stress and go about enjoying your life again.