How to Gain Weight Fast

When it comes to putting on muscle you need to eat! When I say you need to eat, that means you need to eat! When you start working out you will begin to notice that you are hungry, but then you hit a plateau, and this isn’t usually because you aren’t hitting it hard enough in the gym, it usually means you are not eating enough. Before you get all worked up, really think about it.

Have your calories increased since you hit that plateau?

Didn’t think so!

If you want to know how to gain weight fast, then it is time to get some more calories in you. There are also other products that can help improve the uptake of nutrients and improve muscle fiber rebuilding. It’s time that you put on some weight. These supplements help those who are looking to push past their plateaus and increase muscle mass.

Glycobol by Anabolic Innovations

First Step is increasing the nutrient uptake in which you already consume. Glycobol was designed so that it would mimic insulin. Insulin has been shown to be more powerful than testosterone. Consuming 2 capsules for breakfast that is 50 to 100 grams of complex carbohydrates will start your day on an anabolic note. Consuming Glycobol first thing in the morning will increase the amount of nutrients that you use, and improve nitrogen retention for the rest of the day. Take another serving of 2 capsules for dinner to increase muscle building while you sleep. Once again consume 50 to 100 grams of carbohydrates for you last meal.

M Stak by Animal

To feed your muscle what they need before a workout is crucial. Animal M Stak is used as a pre workout that loads the muscle with the needed amino acids; it also improves the release of growth hormones during exercise. Another effect that M Stak offers is that it increases hunger. The product also improves the break down and absorption of protein. When you increase protein synthesis you increase the recovery of your muscles.

Karbolic by iForce

Carbohydrates are very important when building muscle. Carbohydrates help to transfer ingredients into the muscles and improve nitrogen retention. Many people consume protein and only protein, but without carbohydrates you are not getting the most out of your protein. Karbolic is a superior carbohydrate that is loaded with amino acids to help improve the PUMP. Consume Karbolic with with M Stack an hour before you workout and you will have an amazing muscle pump and want to eat, and eat you shall!

So you want to put on weight, now you know how. If you want to increase muscle mass and improve your overall muscle size then it is time to get some food in you and hit the gym. If you are tired of not gaining weight get yourself some Glycobol, M Stack, and Karbolic.

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