How to get in Shape

What does it mean to be in shape? Every person has their own idea of what it look like to be in shape, so how do you know if you are in shape? You should set your goals, off of percentages, and not how you look. Once you get yourself in to healthy weight and fat percentage range then you can being to develop your body into what you desire.

Body Weight

Many people are fooled by the BMI rating. BMI stands for body mass index, where it calculates your health off of body weight and height. The problem, as some of you caught on to, is that it doesn’t calculate muscle mass. The BMI calculation only works for those people who do not exercise. This may be many of you and you could use BMI to help understand whether or not you are in a healthy range, but it is more important to know your fat percentage. If you are active please do not use B

MI, even if you are doing body weight workouts, you should make sure to know your fat percentage.

Fat Percentage

Understanding where you need to be with fat percentage can really help you achieve your goal of getting in shape. Women carry more fat than men do to higher estrogen levels and for pregnancy. When you are able to get into a healthy fat percentage then you will be able to change your physique.

Age Healthy Range

20-40 yrs 21-33%

41-60 yrs 23-35%

61-79 yrs 24-36%

Age Healthy Range

20-40 yrs 8-19%

41-60 yrs 11-22%

61-79 yrs 13-25%


Do remember that with age and poor diets it makes it more difficult to maintain a healthy fat range. Try to start young with eating healthy, this will help encourage better health later on in life. It is ok to have one cheat day a week.

Also remember there are certain foods that can regulate estrogens in the body. If you eat too much soy then the body will begin to increase in estrogen production, this is because of the phytoestrogens that are in the soy plant. Eating really green veggies can help increase the antioxidants in the blood and in turn slow down the conversion rate of estrogen. Both of these are natural processes and really help with overall health.

So, How to get in Shape?

I know that there is a lot of information here about weight and fat percentage, and you were probably looking for a workout of sorts, but it is better to understand the specifics of health then move on from there. So if you are looking to get in shape you need to start with getting your weight and fat percentage back to a healthy level.

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