Calcium Goes a Long Way!


 What is Calcium?

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients your body needs to maintain health. It is essential to meet many of your bodies needs. Calcium play an important role in many body functions and development. Knowing how much calcium you need daily and where to get it can ensure that your body will reap the benefits of this great nutrient.

Calcium Benefits

Calcium does many things for your body. Everyone knows calcium is beneficial to bones and teeth. It is also important to keep your muscles and nerves working properly. It helps blood clot and keeps your heart beating properly. Lacking calcium in your diet can greatly effect your health now and in the future.

Calcium Deficiency Side Effects

When your body does not get enough calcium it begins to take it from the bones. When this happens, if the calcium is not replaced through your diet the bones become deficient in calcium. This can lead to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones get thin and brittle. It is fast becoming a major disease among older adults.

Calcium is important at any age. For children calcium is essential to ensure proper bone growth. In pregnant women calcium intake is also important. The baby needs calcium to grow and takes this calcium from the mother, so increased calcium intake is important during pregnancy. Some guidelines for calcium are 1,200mg a day for children age 1-10, 1,500mg a day for age 11-24.

Pregnant and breast feeding mother should get 1,400mg a day and older adults should have 1,500mg a day. It is very difficult to take too much calcium and intakes of up to 2,500mg have proven safe. Excess calcium is easily removed form the body through waste.