ACL, MCL, Meniscus Tear is not the End of Weight Training

Meniscus Tear

Hello everyone, well I’m sad to report my training had suffered a major setback. Things were progressing a such a great pace. My weight had actually starting going up and I was getting stronger with each and every work out.

I was geared up for the taping of the Pro’s vs Joes finals in Chicago. I felt like a million bucks. I knew there would be very few men there in my shape, and I was right. The first competition we were doing was basketball. Basketball is not my strongest sport but I can more than hold my own.

While guarding a 6′3″ opponent I went up and blocked his shot. Unfortunately as I did that he tried to force the shot off and shoved me off balance and I cam down on the side of my foot. Instantly my knee twisted and I ended up tearing my ACL, MCL, and Meniscus.

I immediately quit competing and hopped to the airport and caught a plane home and then proceeded to the hospital. Where a MRI and X-ray confirmed the damage to my knee.

I have come to learn more about knee injuries. MCL usually heal on their own. Meniscus and usually be repaired or if they are not badly torn they can be ignored as well. ACL is pretty much all or nothing. You can actually live with a torn ACL and never have surgery but sports is pretty much out of the question. Since playing sports and working out is a big part of my life, there is no doubt that I will be going under the knife to repair my knee damage.

I was surprised that the operation is not done ASAP. Rather the suggest you wait and get the swelling down, and to exercise to get the full range of motion back in your knee. This was great news to me. So after a week of crutches and limping around, I have gotten myself back in the gym and have started right were I left off. I have lost a 6 pounds though and a few cuts but I suspect they will be right back in a matter of a few days and a few workouts.

The knee feels better than I had expected. I’m able to golf, do squats, and walk around without a brace. I believe that I will be able to actually play some flag football again before the surgery but that is still to be seen. I now have a extra incentive to train harder to get my leg in the best shape possible before the surgery. The doctors say the better it is going in, the better it is coming out. So after a week of pain and depression, I’m back in full force and ready to make a full recovery from my knee operation.