Listen Up Athletes!

Being an athlete is dangerous to one’s health. In fact, couch potatoes often live longer than athletes.

The scientific explanation is that because of higher activity levels, there have been extra, unmet nutritional demands on athletes.

Athletes use up more minerals than do people who are sedentary. An athlete sweats more in 5 years than couch potato’s do in 75 years. And when a person sweats they are not just losing water… their sweat contains 60 essential minerals. They are called essential minerals because if any of them are missing for any length of time, the result can be a degenerative disease, many of which are life threatening. So, if athletes don’t get additional nutrients in their diets, their very lives can be at risk.

Now the bottom line message here is this, you don’t need to be an athlete to sweat, you can be in the military. You could be a roofer, a carpenter, an electrician, a plumber, a carpet layer, you can be a farmer, you could be a dance instructor, you could work in a bakery. Or you could work in an air conditioned insurance agency or hang meat in a refrigerator room, never sweating at your work place, and then you go to a health club where you go sweat 3 nights a week. Unless you are replacing the minerals that you are sweating out, you are not going to make it to 100 and you are going to be sick and miserable the last 12 to 15 years of your life. Exercise without supplementation is a negative, not a positive. Just like running your car without oil.

If too much of an athlete’s food is empty calories then their vital organs and cells become depleted of minerals and other vital nutrients. This is the cause of heart attacks in athletes — depletion of minerals because nutrition didn’t keep up with bodily demands.

Athletes need more minerals, more amino acids, more enzymes and more phytonutrients and vitamins. They need more antioxidants to protect against the byproducts of exercise. They need more natural Cox-2 inhibitors to protect against inflammation. When these nutrient needs are unmet, cells are damaged. So, if you are active, you need more, not less nutrition.

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