Glutamine and Health

Glutamine for Athletes

As many of us already know Glutamine is crucial to any athlete, but do we know why? Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, but when we exercise it becomes depleted and so it is important for us to refuel ourselves by taking glutamine supplements. On top of it being the most abundant Amino Acid in the body it also, helps with protein synthesis, it is a cellular energy source-next to glycogen, and it’s produces nitrogen for many anabolic processes. Basically, meaning that when doing any form of exercise, glutamine plays a huge role in allowing your body to function correctly.

Glutamine for Overall Health

Outside of the athletic world Glutamine can help with those who are trying to prevent cancer and for those recouping from serious injuries. Because glutamine works with all your cells of your body it can be beneficial to just about anyone.

Glutamine Side Effects

Even though Glutamine can seem a little overdone with all the hype around it, it can offer great benefits for everybody. Because it is a natural occurring amino acid there are no side effects when taking it. The amount in which you consume depends on the reasoning for taking it. If it is for medical reasons you should see a Naturopathic Medicine Doctor. Not all people will notice dramatic effects from it but in the long run your body will greatly appreciate it.

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