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Not a lot of apps have a goal of trying to achieve what Foodebate is doing. Oh what is Foodebate doing you might as? Well according to the founder, Karl Idowu, Postgraduate student at Bath University, the idea came from numerous arguments he kept having over food articles, new diets and just new ways of staying healthy in general.

A simple article on a new food or healthy drink for example could result in hours of research and he claims the older he gets the worse it gets. He’s found friends over the years with different dietary backgrounds and according to them articles they would see online would result in them never being able to come to a conclusion as sources differed (fake news).

In 2017 curiosity initially saw Karl and his fellow founders join groups on platforms such as Facebook, what’s app etc. but they quickly saw these groups lacked actually chats just people posting questions and not getting real answers back.

This discovery led them to decide to start trying to speak, on the streets, yes on the streets and in person to people and even food institutions “but it isn’t as easy as one would believe” the founders always joke.

To make matters worse they also found it isn’t exactly easy identifying people of different dietary backgrounds and information is just difficult to really understand unless gotten from people who have actually been through these experiences and not paid actors or bots.

Their diverse dietary views led them to try and design a solution to this problem.  According to Karl in a recent interview, “the main goal of the app is to increase awareness and foster healthy communication between people of different dietary backgrounds from all over the world so people get first hand knowledge about new diets and so they can get first hand knowledge on the results of various and new work outs/diets encouraging people to care more about their health so hopefully they aren’t just believing in what is what is said by big profit orientated corporations.

The app is currently in the beta stage on the app store, and for now users can actually download a free version. “Feedback and reception has been great” according to the founders in a recent statement, “ we are just taking the feedback in to provide a better service” a response given by Karl when asked on future plans.

For now the basic platform allows users debate other users based on dietary preferences. New users can create profiles and see questions posted everyday on a debate wall and when you proceed to click on these newly posted topics, you get to see and chose from a long list of people with different or the same dietary backgrounds.

For now the options range from vegans, vegetarians, Pescetarians, diabetics and meat eaters.  According to feedback on the website, users don’t just have to debate about the topics posted but they can just access people if they are lonely or just curious about different dietary issues.

For security reasons the founders say the data provided will never be sold for advertising purposes like other platforms and to fund this venture they are selling merchandise in the form of a game that can be found on the app’s website.  When asked what is to come Karl says ”premium features which will include the ability to contact dietary specialists like qualified nutritionists and licensed dieticians.

Not only that premium users will be able to sell and buy food from not just local restaurants but local people cooking or people looking to start cooking businesses in their spare time”. He has also said “coming soon users will get to see were their food actually comes from with tours of farms from farmers and companies on the platform.

Furthermore a new social food network is being developed called Fdstreams.

This will enable users showcase their cooking skills live to uses of the platform just by booking in special time slots in a new innovative web streaming system.

If you’re interested in downloading the app or helping the founders by buying merchandise a link is provided below.

Link to website:

The App can be found on the Apple and android app stores


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