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Live for the Pump w/ ALRI

Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 02:03 PM
posted by Big Red Hulk

We all love the pump but most of us end up with either running to the bathroom in between sets or have a hard time swallowing the horrible flavors. Some don’t have either of these problems but know that it is important to cycle off of the drinks to maintain that pump with continual use. So, how do we accomplish both of these goals? ALRI is known to be ahead of the game in with all there supplements. That is why I have chosen them to replace the drinks. There are three products that will help build muscle, burn fat and allow your body to maintain the size you work so hard for.

N’GORGE: gives you Glutamine, Citrulline, and two forms of Arginine,. To the untrained eye this may seems like nothing but to those who want to get massive pumps, this makes you already want to bye it. Glutamine is the most abundant amino in the body, and Citrulline/Arginine combo means huge, long lasting pumps. What to expect:

Dramatically increases muscle size and volume

Increases lean mass and strength

Increases power output

Promotes greater contractile power and muscular endurance

Produces mega-pumps

Improves glucose and nutrient uptake

Enhances oxygen delivery

Primed ultra: This alone will give you a great workout. Two big things that play a huge role in this product are the Beta-Alanine and Caffeine. We all love the energy(caffeine) that the drinks give us, and you wont miss a beat with Ultra Primed. Now, Beta-Alanine helps produce Carnosine within the body. Carnosine is basically fuel for the body to keep going even on a low carb diet. Notice the energy first the first rep to the last! And get this it also has more Arginine in it so you wont have to take extra if you have a hard time getting a pump, and for those of you that get pumps- be ready for your skin to tear.

CR2: Unlike most Pre-Workout drinks you don’t get enough Creatine to help your body to produce the ATP that it needs to help with recuperation. Creatine Ethyl Ester is in a lot of your pre-workout drinks but that is weaker and you have to cycle that off and on. Instead try CR2 and notice effects, such as:

Intense Pumps and Vascularity

Greater Endurance

Increased muscle & strength

Faster Recovery

How should you stack these three products? Well this one is simple; take all three servings about 20 minuets before your workouts. Try to take it on an empty stomach for better pumps. To help the ingredients hit you system faster, hop on the tread or bike for about 5min to increase blood flow before workouts.

Runners Supplement

Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 02:03 PM
posted by Big Red Hulk

Does strength Training apply to long distant runners? For many long distant runners, it is believed that running and more running will help them get into the shape that they desire. But this isn’t true. “Runners often fall into the trap of just running, and this is a big mistake,” says Rebecca Wroten-Brink, NASM-CPT, running coach and the owner if SELF concepts LLC, a personal coaching service based in Lakeland, Fla. Those of you who are long distant athletes need to understand that lifting weight helps give your joints a break and works other muscles and muscle groups. Think about it?

When you run you are only running forward and only working that certain muscle group. Some good weight training that will help with your running as well as help your body heal quicker would be circuit training. Wroten-Brink suggests that a simple circuit of walking lunges, lateral lunges, jump squats, pushups, cobras, bridges and planks. I would also suggest doing weighted squats, alternating lunges, straight leg dead lifts, bench press, and pull ups.

Just because you know that you have to weight train doesn’t mean that you have to change your supplements. For runners and lifters, Primed ultra helps you push your body to its farthest potential. In just two pills you get an increase in positive mood and focus, Beta-Alanine to help your muscle to produce more carnosine (muscle energy), and Cituline and Ariginine to allow your body to increase its uptake of oxygen to your blood. The combination of these also allows for your body to get the extra mile or rep without the extra soreness.