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Optimum Nutrition & Amino Energy

Monday, April 4, 2011 @ 06:04 PM
posted by Jeffery mason

There is a brand new product from Optimum Nutrition, the leading supplement and nutrition company. This product is known as Amino Energy, and it has been scientifically designed to give you the gains you have been craving. Now, it’s not like the usual supplements out there that directly increase your muscular gain. Basically, it supplements your supplements, increasing their effectiveness. This can sound strange, but let’s look at the ingredients to see just how it is doing this.

Amino Acids (BCAAs)

These are the crucial amino acids that your body does not naturally create. These simple amino acids actually make up one-third of the protein you need to create healthy muscles. Seeing as how your body does not make it, you need to find some way to get it into your system. Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition has you covered. A single serving can give you all of the amino acids you need to continue developing and building muscles.


Amino Energy contains 50 mg of caffeine in a single serving. That is almost twice as much as the normal cup of coffee, which means that you are going to be experiencing some nice energy gains. All of that energy is then spent working out or lifting weights. And not everyone is 100% pumped up to go to the gym all the time, so a little energy can help out when you really need it. Just take it before you head out for your exercises and you can avoid the energy and motivation crash all together.

Nitrous Oxide

Every workout enthusiast understands and loves the “pump” that occurs after an exercise. That pump is the literal feeling of your muscles being filled with blood and nutrients. All of those nutrients are immediately being absorbed into your muscle tissue, where they will be used to repair all of the damage. Nitrous oxide can increase the blood flow, or pump, experienced after a workout. This increases the overall muscular development, and it can expedite the usual results.

Zero Fat, Ten Calories

The title of this section says it all: this supplement contains zero fat and ten calories. You can get all of the previous fitness benefits for pretty much nothing. You can’t really ask for a better supplement. Take it for yourself and see just what it can do to your fitness regimen.

Amino Energy – Get Ready For Energy

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 @ 05:03 PM
posted by Jeffery mason

Amino Energy is one of the latest products offered by Optimum Nutrition. It has been hailed as a powerful supplement, able to easily amplify your workout results. A single serving of it is more than enough to expedite your usual results, and you are supposed to take it along with your other supplements. To help you understand what Amino Energy is and how it can actually help you out, here is a list of some common questions people have been asking.

How does Amino Energy help?

Amino Energy contains numerous vital ingredients that can revolutionize your workout results. For example, it contains the BCAAs that your body cannot naturally produce. A BCAA, or brand-chain amino acid, is vital in the creation of muscle tissue. Your body cannot naturally produce these BCAAs, so you have to find a food source containing them. With Amino Energy, you don’t have to scour the grocery store for those foods. A single serving contains all of the needed BCAAs for healthy muscle gains.

Is that all it does?

No, it’s only the start. Amino Energy also contains a nitrous oxide supplement. For anyone that does not know, nitrous oxide increases blood flow. The more blood flowing through your muscles, the more nutrients being carried to them. All of these nutrients can then be used to increase to repair and rebuild your muscles after a workout. This will reduce your recovery time and increase muscular gains, and it does it all through a healthy, natural process. And it even contains some ingredients that increase your energy levels.

How does it increase my energy levels?

A single serving of Amino Energy contains 50 mg of caffeine. That is roughly the same amount you would get from a cup of coffee, but you get it without all of the extra fats and sugars. That is enough energy to get you pepped up for your workout, ready to tear through some intense weight lifting.

Wait, do you mean there are no fats and sugars in Amino Energy?

Exactly! This supplement only contains 10 calories and nothing else. There are no fats, sugars, or carbohydrates. You just get the simple Amino Energy formula designed by Optimum Nutrition. And that’s all the information you are going to get from this little article. You just have to try it for yourself now.