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Yok3d By USP Labs

Monday, February 28, 2011 @ 09:02 AM
posted by Phil

I was in Texas Recently for my little sisters wedding and we took a meeting at USP Labs in Dallas. I was told about the new flavor of Jack3d and a new product called Yok3d. I tried it this morning and I have to tell you, Yok3d is NO JOKE! Yok3d claims to have intense muscle pumps. Intense is a HUGE understatement. I felt like someone hooked up a bicycle pump to my body. Everytime I did a rep it felt like my body was slowly inflating. I was throwing around weight and my body was showing it. This product is just in testing right now but I suggest you get your hands on it while you can. USP promises quality and they have come through once again. This is an N.O. Breakthrough and I am about to order as much as I can get my hands on. World Class Nutrition is proud to have such a phenomenal company as USP labs as a partner. Thank you again guys!

OxyElite, Lose Weight Now!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010 @ 03:05 PM
posted by Big Red Hulk

Why is it that ever since Ephedra was taken off of the market you can’t find a product hat helps you burn fat and suppress appetite the same way? Sure there are a lot of products that say that they do what the old ECA stacks did but how often are you left disappointed?

Many people believe that ever since ephedra was taken off of the market you cant get the results once so easily obtained…Until NOW!!!! USP Labs OxyElite is the ultimate no BS, fat shredding fat burner.

What is unique about OxyElite above the rest is that it focuses on BAT:

A recent study suggested that up to 96% of subjects evaluated have detectable levels of BAT! (24,25). It has been suggested that those that are overweight have lower BAT activity than those that are lean, something that isn’t entirely a coincidence as having more BAT can potentially mean expending more calories and thus maintaining a lower weight. It has been estimated that more than half of all men and women likely have at least 10 grams of BAT in their body. BAT is so metabolically active that as little as 50 grams of BAT could potentially account for up to 20% of total daily energy expenditure of an adult human when maximally stimulated. Imagine how much of a difference that can make on how you look.

The problem however is recruiting BAT and activating what little we have in the first place…

While exposure to cold is one method, it isn’t exactly feasible to expose yourself to cold every day of the week…And aside from that, it has been pointed out that various environmental changes for modern humans such as insulated buildings, clothing advances and heated transport systems have all reduced the need for thermogenesis via BAT and thus the amount of activated BAT has decreased as well.
But all hope is not lost…
The other method is via sympathetic stimulation or in other words, by using direct and indirect-acting sympathomimetics.

Where OxyELITE Pro™ Goes From All-Time Great to First Ballot Hall of Fame

First, it’s important to understand how BAT provides such benefits. Now, normal white adipose tissue or WAT (i.e., the stuff around your organs and smothering your muscles) is generally there to accept extra energy from calories ingested and accepts them for storage as triglycerides (fat).

We need this to insulate us from the cold and protect our internal organs. BAT, on the other hand doesn’t store extra energy as it instead dissipates this extra energy in the form of heat.

How OxyELITE Pro™ Attacks BAT

First, Geranium extract has sympathomimetic properties & this makes it a great candidate for increasing UCP-1 expression and recruiting or regaining BAT so that we may use it once again.*

Secondly, Cirsium oligophyllum has beta adrenoceptor agonist activity and, as would be expected, has actually been suggested to increase UCP-1 activity in BAT of an animal model.

Third, caffeine has been suggested to increase norepinephrine. This increased norepinephrine again contributes to increasing UCP-1 activity in BAT, unfortunately, it also ends up activating alpha 2-adrenoceptors… And by doing this, it actually inhibits some of the potential lipolytic and thermogenic activity of norepinephrine by inhibiting adenylyl cyclase (i.e., the enzyme which allows for cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cAMP formation and what ultimately leads to lipolysis) activity.

The information about this new and innovative way to burn fat is increasing and keeps proving to be an effective way to burn fat. Soon other comapies will begin making product like this to keep up with USP Labs genius product, OxyElite. Don’t be the last one to find out about this innovative product. Get your body back to how it used to be and feel good about hwo you look with OxyElite.