Why is Colon Cleansing so Important?

Colon Cleansing

Cleansing your body or colon is natural. Your body is made to cleanse itself, but it needs help. Here’s why…

The general theory is that if you consume things you don’t need, such as toxins, your body will simply eliminate them because that is what it is designed to do. Your liver, kidneys and intestines are made for this purpose. But then, how do you gain weight?

If you eat too much food or eat too much of the wrong foods like junk foods, fried foods, foods with white flour and sweets, you gain weight. Your body did not eliminate what it did not need. It stored it instead. Now you have excess weight, extra fat, and maybe even other health issues such as brain fog, fatigue and even depression. This is proof that your body did not eliminate what was not used.

Your body may even convert excess glucose and amino acids (or proteins) into fat cells. Your body did not need this excess, it did not eliminate it, instead it converted it into fat cells and stored it. Why would this happen?

Your body is designed to digest a certain amount of food at one time. What is not digested may be eliminated. But when the body gets over-burdened from toxic overload and too much food that it can’t digest, then it will not do any job efficiently. It does need help.

Add to this the fact that there are numerous – like thousands – of environmental toxins that you come into contact with each day. There is perchlorate in most drinking water, mercury in fish, bleach in water, food colorings, preservatives known to cause cancer such as BHA and BHT found in common foods, and the list goes on.

Put all this together with our sub-standard diets and you can see that your body needs help. This is when it may be time to cleanse your colon or your body.

Food or herbal supplements also help your body and colon cleanse. A good cleansing program will provide extra fiber to help soften and eliminate built up waste. The herbs usually found in a good program provide extra nutrition that is nature made so your body can absorb it. This extra boost of nutrition gives your body what it needs to make sure all organs of elimination are working.

Choosing the right herbal colon cleansing supplement can greatly benefit and expedite your cleansing efforts. Do not use a laxative because that is a toxin. Find a cleansing supplement that has mainly natural ingredients.